Regenerative medicine is a revolutionary field of treatment for orthopedic conditions. Steven Struhl, M.D. has been a pioneer as an orthopedic surgeon, embracing new methods to improve treatment for his patients. Dr. Struhl founded Regenerative Orthopaedics to offer advanced options in orthopedic treatment for his patients. Here is what you should know about Regenerative Orthopaedics, Steven Struhl M.D. and our clinics in NYC and White Plains.

Innovative, Cutting-Edge Stem Cell Therapy

Dr. Struhl is one of the leaders in regenerative treatments for orthopedic conditions in New York. His clinics provide safe and effective stem cell therapy that can help stimulate healing for damaged tissue, cartilage or bone and relieve painful degenerative conditions. Our medical team harvests stem cells from bone marrow, then concentrates the stem cells through a centrifuge on-site. The treatment can be completed in one visit. We offer stem cell therapy for:

Our clinics focus on providing advanced orthopedic stem cell treatments, as well as other regenerative medicine. Dr. Steven Struhl and our team provide platelet-rich plasma (PRP), hyaluronic acid and cortisone steroid injections that can help relieve orthopedic pain. Most treatments are minimally invasive or non-invasive and completed in less than an hour at our clinics.

Regenerative medicine for orthopedic conditions can help speed up healing and slow down degenerative disease. Dr. Steven Struhl and our team at Regenerative Orthopaedics are dedicated to providing top quality medical care for patients, giving them access to the most advanced treatments available. To learn more about our stem cell therapy and other treatments, contact us at our clinic in UES New York City or White Plains. We can schedule an appointment with Dr. Steven Struhl to discuss your orthopedic condition and find out if regenerative medicine treatments are right for you.