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Cartilage Damage

Stem Cell Therapy for Cartilage Repair

Multiple studies and continual research shows that stem cell therapy has the potential to regenerate lost cartilage, stop and reverse cartilage degeneration, and provide pain relief. Using a patient’s own stem cells for cartilage repair is an exciting non-surgical option, versus the need for joint replacement surgery

“(Stem Cell Therapy) cellular therapies have the potential to regenerate the lost cartilage, combat cartilage degeneration, provide pain relief, and improve patient mobility. One of the most promising sources of cellular regenerative medicine is from mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs). MSCs can be isolated from adipose tissue, bone marrow, synovial tissue, and other sources.” according to a study by doctors at Georgia Regents University.

What makes stem cells so promising and effective for Cartilage Repair:

  • They come from the patient’s own cells, therefore they are not rejected
  • A homing mechanism that targets the stem cells to the damaged site
  • Can morph into cartilage cells

Additional information can be found: Top 10 Things to Know About Stem Cell Therapy

To see if you are a good candidate who could benefit by using stem cell therapy to repair cartilage damage, please contact one of our offices.