The body has incredible abilities when it comes to healing and repairing tissue. There are elements in your blood, fat tissue, bone marrow and other tissue that are crucial to healing. When these elements are harvested and concentrated, they can be reintroduced to injured or damaged tissues, stimulating a healing response. These are called regenerative medicine treatments, which Dr. Steven Struhl and our medical team offer at Regenerative Orthopaedics in NYC and White Plains.

Regenerative medicine harnesses the power of healing properties of the body to repair tissue or relieve inflammation. While platelets, stem cells and other healing elements are within the body, they may not be accessible in high concentrations where they are needed. Regenerative medicine harvests these biological components, filtering and concentrating them in a laboratory, before delivering treatments to damaged tissues. Since the stem cells or platelets are from the patient’s body, there is no risk of rejecting or negative side effects from most regenerative medicine treatments.

Regenerative Medicine Orthopaedic Procedures

There are various regenerative medicine procedures we offer at Regenerative Orthopaedics. Dr. Steven Struhl is one of the top orthopaedic surgeons and sports medicine specialists in New York. Dr. Struhl recognizes the value and effectiveness of regenerative medicine treatments for many orthopaedic conditions and injuries. We offer the following regenerative medicine procedures at our clinics:

For cutting-edge regenerative medicine treatments for orthopaedic injuries and conditions, contact us at Regenerative Orthopaedics. We can schedule a consultation with our regenerative medicine specialist, Dr. Struhl, at our clinic in NYC or White Plains, NY.