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Nanofracture and Stem Cell Therapy Better for Knee Cartilage Repair

Date: 07 Sep 2017

Daniella R. lives an active life from chasing her 3 kids, a new puppy and playing tennis. Unfortunately, last February she injured her knee. “I wish that I had a great story of how I tore my knee cartilage, but … while walking I planted my foot and my knee just turned. It is sort […]

26 Years of Tennis Elbow Pain Aced by Stem Cell Therapy

Date: 02 Mar 2015

“Stem cell therapy is not going to work for me. My arm is to far gone”, thought Ted D. He would not have believed that stem cell therapy could work if it were not for the fact of seeing Dr. Steven Stuhl during a tennis lesson move better on the court side to side even […]

Stem cell therapy speeds up healing for a hard to heal broken arm

Date: 23 Jan 2015

What do you do if you suffer a broken arm that is a complete arm fracture, have an emergency surgery by a well known surgeon, and 5 months later your bone is not healing? That is the predicament that Paul found himself in. Back in September 2013, Paul had an emergency surgery to fix his […]

Stem Cells and PRP saved my knee!

Date: 23 Jan 2015

Lois O. sat on the bench in front of the Tower of London wondering how she let this happen. After retiring as a school teacher, she and her husband planned a trip a year; this year being England, Ireland and Scotland…and here she was… again on the bench due to the severe knee pain she […]