Shoulder pain can limit your ability to perform daily tasks and enjoy your life. Arthritis, rotator cuff tears and other painful shoulder conditions are frustrating, impacting the activities you can perform. Regenerative medicine can be a solution for shoulder pain. Dr. Steven Struhl at Regenerative Orthopaedics offers stem cell therapy for shoulder pain conditions at our clinics in NYC and White Plains.

Stem cell therapy is a revolutionary treatment option to harness the healing power of biological components in the body. Stem cells are available in bone marrow and other tissue. Harvesting and concentrating stem cells through a centrifuge can be completed in one visit to our office. When stem cells are injected directly into a damaged shoulder joint, they can stimulate a healing response and anti-inflammatory effect. The treatment is safe and effective for treating many types of shoulder conditions that can cause pain and limit your arm function.

Treatment for Shoulder Injuries and Painful Conditions

The shoulder is a complex joint that is susceptible to injury and degenerative conditions. The shoulder contains both the AC and glenohumeral joints, both of which can be impacted by arthritis and cartilage loss. The tendons and ligaments in the shoulder can also be damaged due to degenerative aging and injuries. Stem cell therapy is effective for treatment to stimulate the repair of cartilage, bone, tendons and ligaments in the shoulder while reducing inflammation.

Stem cell therapy can take a few weeks to notice the effects. Reduced pain and an improved range of motion can occur as the stem cells help repair the joint. In some cases, stem cell injections can slow the progression of arthritis and other degenerative conditions, delaying the need for surgery or joint replacement.

If you suffer from arthritic or degenerative shoulder pain, stem cell therapy may be an option to give you relief. Contact us at Regenerative Orthopaedics to schedule an appointment with Dr. Struhl to discuss if stem cell injections may be right for you.