Whether you are an athlete or an everyday person who has suffered a minor misfortune, injuries can significantly impact every area of your life. The damage can become more difficult for your body to heal as you get older. Traditional surgery may not be beneficial. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections can be a safer and more effective way to heal damaged tissues than traditional orthopedic surgery. Here are three ways PRP injections can aid in faster injury recovery.

Relieve Inflamed Tendons and Ligaments

PRP injections can be beneficial for strains and tears in tendons and ligaments. When you use your muscles repetitively during strenuous physical activities, tendons can become irritated from rubbing against bones. These types of injuries typically occur while playing sports and can heal slowly from lack of blood flow. Injections can help regulate inflammation levels, reduce scar formation and boost growth of blood vessels to aid in faster injury recovery.

Improve Joint Mobility from Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis can occur from injuries and create damage to cartilage. Individuals with this condition can experience constant pain and limited joint mobility. It can be difficult to perform simple everyday tasks because of stiffness. PRP injections can help with faster injury recovery by regenerating cartilage tissue to restore joint function.

Ease Spinal Disc Compression

The discs in your spine can become worn down and compressed over time or with injury. PRP injections can aid in faster injury recovery by reducing inflammation and stimulating new blood vessels and cartilage growth. This can help restore the overall function of your spine and help you experience less pain. This treatment can also lead to increased spinal fluid and disc height.

Experience Faster Injury Recovery with PRP Injections

If you have recently suffered an injury and other treatment options fail to be effective, PRP injections can be an effective solution for recovery. These injections use your own blood to help you heal, which can lower the risks and complications with other forms of treatment. Experienced orthopedic surgeon Dr. Steven Struhl specializes in PRP injections and stem cell therapy for a wide range of injuries and conditions. You can feel better faster so you can enjoy your normal activities again. Call to book a consultation today.