Arthritis is more debilitating than many people realize. Pain, inflammation and stiff joints can put sufferers on the sidelines for weeks at a time. As a medical condition, arthritis is commonly progressive. Symptoms worsen over time and can dramatically impact lifestyle and work options.

If you are one of the roughly 23% of Americans who suffer from arthritic pain, finding relief may be a struggle. Medications can help, but sufferers are often forced to face the reality that symptoms will become progressively worse. The most invasive treatment option for arthritis is surgery. However, stem cell therapies may provide a more effective solution.

Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cells are essentially the building blocks of life. In simple terms, there are two types of stem cells. The first type of stem cell can replicate and perform any function in the body, whereas the second will only perform specific functions. Additionally, stem cells can be manipulated in a lab to serve a purpose.

The science is more complicated than these two basic functions, but how stem cells are used in medical therapies is the important part. When stem cells are introduced to areas that are damaged, such as arthritic joints, they have reparative properties. By healing the damage caused by arthritis, stem cells reduce symptoms including inflammation, pain and stiffness.

Stem Cell Therapy Consultation

To get a better understanding of stem cell therapy, arthritis sufferers should pursue a consultation with a specialist orthopedist. Countless patients have experienced meaningful relief from stem cell therapy. The science is still being explored but there is no doubt that these treatments are effective and long lasting.

Speak to Dr. Steve Struhl if you would like to learn more about the benefits of stem cell therapies in New York. As a leading orthopedist, Dr. Struhl is passionate about providing arthritis sufferers with lasting pain relief.