Stem cell therapy is often surrounded by myths and misconceptions. Learning the truth about this healing treatment will help you make an informed decision about your treatment options. Read below five common misconceptions about stem cell therapy.

Misconception: Stem cells only come from embryos
Truth: Stem cells are found throughout the body. They are found in muscles, organs, bone marrow, tissue and fat. While some stem cells can be taken from embryos, the stem cells in your own body may be used for treating pain and disease from which you may be suffering.

Misconception: Stem cell research and treatment is illegal in the United States
Truth: The National Institutes of Health and the United States government made stem cell research and treatment legal within certain parameters. There are certain guidelines that must be followed in order to stay in compliance.

Misconception: Stem cell research will lead to human cloning
Truth: This has long been a concern for many people, but the truth is it will not. There are significant restrictions on reproductive cloning. These restrictions have been put in place and are enforced by every major regulatory and advisory body. The National Academy of Sciences and the International Society for Stem Cell Research have issued guidelines that ban cloning techniques.

Misconception: Stem cells may be rejected by the body
Truth: When the stem cells used to treat a condition are taken from the patient’s own body, there is very little risk of rejection or infection. This is one of the advantages of using adult stem cells to treat disease.

Misconception: Stem cells can cure all diseases
Truth: Studies have shown stem cells to be effective in the treatment of certain types of disease. They can improve and, in some instances, help in recovery. Research is ongoing to establish their efficacy in slowing or reversing the progression of certain diseases such as Parkinson’s, lupus, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and other common diseases.

There is still much to learn about stem cells and their ability to help in the healing process. Dr. Struhl uses the patient’s own stem cells to treat minor to moderate conditions. This alternative to surgery is an effective and easy solution to promote healing. Contact Regenerative Orthopaedics for more information and to schedule your consultation appointment with Dr. Steven Struhl.