Competitive athletes can often face injuries that can sideline them for months due to surgery. This can create more health issues and affect overall athletic performance. Stem cell therapy can be effective in helping athletes recover faster to get back to their favorite athletic activity in optimal condition. Here is how stem cell therapy can help treat sports injuries.

How Stem Cell Therapy for Sport Injuries Work

Stem cell therapy works by obtaining stem cells from a patient’s hip bone. This can help reduce any adverse reactions from the body regarding a foreign substance – the cells are from your own body. These harvested stem cells duplicate themselves to create healthy cells within an injured area. Many patients begin noticing results within a month or two. Continued improvement can be achieved over a six-month period.

Common Sports Injuries for Stem Cell Therapy

Common sports injuries that can be treated by stem cell therapy involve muscle or ligament strains and inflamed joints. These include conditions such as shin splints, ACL tears and tennis elbow. Many of these injuries are caused by repetitive stress or overuse. Improper form during athletic activity can stretch and tear ligaments and muscles.

These sports injuries can cause discomfort and pain for many years. Several clinical studies have shown that stem cells can reduce pain and inflammation. Some sports injuries may need other forms of treatment. An orthopaedic doctor can determine if stem cell therapy is right for your sports injuries.

Interested in Stem Cell Therapy for Sports Injuries?

Stem cell therapy may be beneficial for sports injuries to regain strength and function. To find out if you are an ideal candidate for stem cell therapy, contact Dr. Steven Struhl to schedule a consultation. Dr. Steven Stuhl can perform a comprehensive medical examination and recommend the best treatment option for you. Contact Regenerative Orthopaedics today to schedule a consultation.