Knee pain can rob you of so much. It can take away your ability to live life the way you desire. Advancements in knee pain treatments are proving to be promising and can help you on your way back to an active lifestyle.

What Is Hyaluronic Acid?

Hyaluronic acid is made by your body. It is part of the fluid that is present between your joints, providing cushioning and lubrication. The highest concentrations are found in the eyes and joints.

How is Hyaluronic Acid Used?

Hyaluronic acid can be injected into the knee joint space and form a protective layer, allowing the joints to move without the bones rubbing against each other. Depending on the brand of hyaluronic acid used, patients can receive one injection, or several injections spaced over a matter of weeks. Studies have shown that hyaluronic acid injections can be more effective than painkillers in some patients. The side effects are minimal, usually consisting of minor pain and minimal swelling from the injection. Some patients experience pain relief lasting six months or more.

Are You a Good Candidate?

If you suffer from moderate knee osteoarthritis that affects your daily living and have had minimal benefit from pain relievers, or if you are unable to take NSAIDs, hyaluronic acid injections may be a good treatment option. These injections are also beneficial for delaying knee replacement surgery. This type of treatment has been shown to be most effective for those under the age of 65. Most hyaluronic acid is derived from rooster combs, so if you are allergic to eggs or poultry, please tell your doctor before you schedule injections.

If you suffer from osteoarthritis and have been told a knee replacement is in your future, hyaluronic acid injections may delay the need for invasive surgery. If you would like more information on these injections, contact Dr. Steven Struhl at Regenerative Orthopaedics to schedule a consultation.