Just as pain sends communications to the brain about injury or illness, the stem cells can direct cells in the body. When it comes to treating conditions such as arthritis, this mechanism has an important role to play. Tissues and other cells that are slow to heal may receive a boost from stem cell therapy.

The pain that you suffer from a joint condition is an essential warning that the body is in need of healing. If an injury or illness is becoming progressively worse, these signals will intensify in frequency and severity. A multi-disciplined approach to treatment can result in significant improvements and relief from symptoms.

Stem Cell Therapy for Joint Pain

Treatments such as physical therapy and surgeries can help to slow down or eliminate wear and tear in the joints. However, these options do not necessarily promote effective healing. By intervening directly, a surgeon is mitigating continuing damage to the cartilage or bones in the joints. Stem cell therapy can help to galvanize healing and may also have an indirect impact on pain levels.

Regenerative therapies such as stem cell transplant, PRP and other innovative medicines are constantly evolving. As a highly experienced orthopedic specialist, Dr. Steven Struhl is committed to providing his patients with the most effective solutions available. His skills and knowledge of joint injuries and conditions allow Dr. Struhl to offer individualized treatment plans in New York.

If you have exhausted all other treatment options for joint pain, stem cell therapy may provide effective relief. With Dr. Struhl as your primary physician, you will receive one-on-one attention, understanding and excellence in orthopedic care.

Reach out to Dr. Struhl at his New York office today if you would like a consultation to further discuss the benefits of stem cell therapy or any other regenerative treatment.