Lois O. sat on the bench in front of the Tower of London wondering how she let this happen. After retiring as a school teacher, she and her husband planned a trip a year; this year being England, Ireland and Scotland…and here she was… again on the bench due to the severe knee pain she was experiencing.

As her husband walked off to enjoy the attraction that she would need to experience watching the video he recorded, she vowed to seriously commit to researching the best orthopedic surgeon in New York to save her knee as soon as she returned home.

Besides traveling, Lois lives in NYC where walking is a necessity as well as the most convenient mode of transportation in many daily situations.

Lois returned from her trip exhausted and determined to find the best knee surgeon in NY. She received a referral to Dr. Steven Struhl from one of his patients who had a successful partial knee replacement. After meeting with Dr. Struhl and discussing her best plan for treatment, they decided that rather than have knee surgery she could be a good candidate for a non-surgical treatment of both stem cell therapy followed up with PRP injections.

Needless to say, a non-surgical treatment intrigued Lois, however she was unfamiliar with what stem cell injections entailed. Dr. Struhl explained that Stem cells are the only cells in the body able to morph into other types of specialized cells. When the patient’s own stem cells are injected into a damaged joint, they appear to transform into chondrocytes, the cells that go on to produce fresh cartilage. Additionally, they seem to amplify the body’s own natural repair efforts by accelerating healing, reducing inflammation, and preventing scarring and loss of function.

“Since the stem cells come from your own body, there’s little chance of infection or rejection. Stem cell injections are done on an outpatient basis and tend to have a quick and easy recovery.”, explained Dr. Struhl.

Five weeks after the initial stem cell injection and one PRP injection, Lois woke up and thought, “What do I feel? NOTHING!” The unbearable pain that Lois had to suffer through every day disappeared. “This has made a dramatic impact on my life and I can go out without suffering!”, cheerfully explained Lois.

Dr. Steven Struhl keeps an open mind to explore the best possible solution for someone to get back to his or her active life. Dr. Struhl proves that the first option does not always require surgery.