It is very common to experience cartilage damage as part of a joint injury. Commonly seen in the knees, many orthopedic surgeons recommend microfracture surgery. Using the microfracture procedure, the surgeon makes small, deep holes in the bone. This increases blood supply to the bone surface and stimulates cartilage growth. Some surgeons prefer cartilage replacement, where cartilage from another area repairs the damaged joint. With either procedure, healing times are long—sometimes more than 12 weeks. A more modern technique, called nanofracture, is a better option. Combined with stem cell therapy, patients experience faster healing and less pain.

Why Nanofracture Is Superior

Compared to microfracture, a nanofracture procedure provides more durable results. Similar to microfracture, nanofracture penetrates the bone. However, nanofracture reaches up to three times deeper than microfracture. This ensures full penetration of the healing marrow and stem cells. The holes are smaller, so the procedure disrupts less of the bone. Patients experience less downtime but still require physiotherapy. Following this supervised physiotherapy program, patients experience faster overall recovery times and can get back to doing the things they love.

Combining Nanofracture with Stem Cell Therapy

Nanofracture is proven to be a safer procedure with speedier healing. Combining it with stem cell therapy provides additional benefits for faster recovery. Adults produce fewer stem cells, so while nanofracture provides the joint with access to these healing factors, patients can benefit from an infusion of additional cells.

The stem cells are taken from the patient’s own bone, concentrated, and then placed into the injured area. There is minimal discomfort, and the procedure usually takes less than 30 minutes. This high concentration of stem cells stimulates a strong repair response in the joint and triggers an anti-inflammatory reaction. The results of nanofracture with stem cell therapy are better than microfracture, and it is worth the time to find a surgeon who specializes in regenerative medicine.

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