There can be no doubt that the key to longevity and maintaining a healthy lifestyle includes sustaining an exercise routine. This can include participating in a sport – from tennis to mountaineering – or simply by engaging in a cardiovascular workout.

It can be shocking and disconcerting to discover that the exercise designed to sustain our mobility and physique can also be the cause of pain and inflammation to the joints. As tempting as it is to ignore this, equating knee pain with normal muscle fatigue or believing that “no pain means no gain” is dangerous.

Other reasons for ignoring joint pain could be wanting to avoid an invasive surgical procedure, painful injections or risk of spending time “on the bench” due to a lengthy recovery period.

There is Another Way

Once considered the work of science fiction, stem cell therapy can present an alternative solution to cortisone injections and even offset the need for knee replacement surgery. With stem cells extracted from the patient’s own body, the procedure takes only 30 minutes to complete. Stem cells are extracted from bone marrow in the patient’s hip. It is then passed through a centrifuge to crystalize the growth and rejuvenating properties of the stem cells.

After undergoing a sterilization process, the stem cells are then injected directly into the affected area. This has been clinically proven to reduce inflammation, pain and aid in tissue repair. Some patients can experience improvement in their pain and inflammation in as little as three weeks, with the condition continuing to improve over the next six months.

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You may wish to avoid potential complications of pain and inflammation in the joints, such as arthritis, loss of cartilage, ligament damage or tendonitis. It is also important to consider the downfalls of a lengthy treatment plan, as the activities that have brought this to bear undoubtedly form a significant and essential part of your lifestyle and happiness.

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